Fermented material is distilled in copper containers. Copper is different to other metals and has priority, or the ability to catalyse many negative by-products that are generated in the process of fermentation. Therefore, copper is the material selected by producers of high-quality liqueurs all over the world.


ArtLiQ's liqueurs are produced in selective series production to ensure high quality and meet the demanding parameters of each batch distillation. This process cannot be fully automated due to the numerous factors that affect the fermentation process and the distillation of each series. There is no equipment that measures the taste of the individual liqueur in the distillation process and this is very important in the production of ArtLiQ's liqueurs.


The distillation process can be repeated several times for one series with a view to improving the flavour, but it may not destroy the balance and essences of the raw materials, which can be lost in the production of industrial alcohol.