The fragrantly smelling alcohol produced after fermentation and distillation is already well on its way to becoming a sophisticated ArtLiQ liqueur. For the fruit and herbal liqueurs, selected raw materials are now infused for several months. After this, a sophisticated and refined mixing process begins, which includes natural fruit juice, fresh fruits, vanilla ... When the liquid is sufficiently mature, it is bottled in the elegant ArtLiQ's bottles.



Within its sales portfolio, Artas d.o.o. has, in addition to the production of liqueur, also wines under the brand name ArtWiN (''Art of Wine''). We made use of knowledge from the hundred year tradition of the best vineyards that are geographically located in Central, Mediterranean and Southeast Europe and took hold of the advantages that the market is offering. We are focused on broader wine consumption. Our mission is to offer quality wines within an acceptable price range. Our sale of red wines is primarily focused on Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Vranac and Mervin. Our sale of white wines is primarily focused on Malvasia, Yellow Muskat, Sweet Muskat, Chardonnay and Riesling.