In the modern period, European life changed rapidly, with every day inclining towards improving the way of living. The requirements of the surrounding area have become diversified and largely tend towards a careful increase in the quality of life.


During this time of progress though, some new problems appear, resulting in the abandonment or loss of traditional cultural values and lifestyle. Invaluable knowledge and skills represent factors that are overlooked when faced with the development of new technologies and processes.


The production of liqueurs in the traditional manner is beyond this risk though. With a thorough understanding of this fact, ArtLiQ took on its mission to establish confidence in the future of traditional European liqueurs under its own brand name ArtLiQ. ArtLiQ considers the value of traditional knowledge, experience and skills, which are all necessary for making quality liqueurs, and uses them as a traditional secret in each product offered to customers who enjoy fine traditional liqueurs.


With the intention of enriching of the moments of its buyers, ArtLiQ has combined its 20-year-old knowledge of the production of domestic high-quality traditional liqueurs and enriched that tradition with new, pleasant and attractive flavours.